Hit utilizes technology to aggregate and consolidate product information to an all-in-one Digital Health and Wealth platform, including medical insurance analysis, insurance comparison, fund trading services and blog.
Invest – Cultivate your wealth with ease
Hit offers extensive investment options with nearly 1,000 high-quality funds. By looking to comprehensive fund details and comparing different funds, you can capture every opportunity to grow your wealth.
Download and open an account now to receive HK$110 cash reward and 0% fund subscription fee with unlimited number of trades.
Blog – Inspire you and enlighten your day
Our Blog synergizes knowledge on health, insurance and investment to provide insightful articles, which turns you from a novice to an expert.
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Hit is the trade name for the investment and insurance brokerage services of Convoy Global Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries, including Hit Fintech Solutions Limited (HITF), OnePlatform Asset Management Limited, OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited.

HITF develops and operates the Hit website and mobile application in cooperation with OnePlatform Asset Management Limited and OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited. OnePlatform Asset Management Limited (CE No. AFQ784) is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission to carry on types 1, 4 and 9 regulated activities. OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited (Insurance Broker Company Licence No. FB1452) is licensed and regulated by the Insurance Authority to provide insurance brokerage services.

The insurance products and services under Hit are provided by OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited. The fund products and services under Hit are provided by OnePlatform Asset Management Limited.

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Hit 以創新科技整合市場上保險產品、理財服務和健康資訊,提供全面數碼化服務,當中包括:醫療保險保障概覽、保險比較、基金買賣,同時分享多元化資訊。
投資理財 令你財富輕鬆增值
Hit 投資平台提供接近 1,000 隻基金任你揀,並設有基金比較功能,覆蓋全面嘅基金資訊,幫你喺投資路上做出精明判斷。
立即下載並成功開戶可享 HK$110 現金獎賞及基金認購費 0% 優惠,認購次數無上限。
Blog 專題文章 日日長知識
Blog 齊集多元化嘅健康、保險及投資知識,以深入淺出嘅文章和影片提供實用易明嘅資訊,令你逐步成為健康理財通才!
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Hit 是康宏環球控股有限公司及其附屬公司的投資和保險經紀服務的商號,包括熱點金融科技有限公司 (HITF),環一資產管理有限公司,環一財富管理有限公司。

HITF 開發並營運 Hit 網站和行動應用程式,與環一資產管理有限公司和環一財富管理有限公司合作其相關業務。環一資產管理有限公司 (中央編號 AFQ784) 獲得證券及期貨事務監察委員會發牌和受其監管,以進行第 1、4 和 9 類受規管的活動。環一財富管理有限公司 (持牌保險經紀公司牌照號碼 FB1452) 由保險業監管局授權和監管,以提供保險經紀服務。


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